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Snapper Jack's Tacos

Taco Bar

All tacos are made w/ your choice of a soft corn
or crispy flour tortilla, lettuce/cabbage, cheese
& Secret Shack Sauce. (Tacos by the dozen)

Choose From

Fish (Grilled or Battered)

Don't forget your sides

Snapper Jack's Fajita

Fajita Bar

1/2 Tray - Serves up to 12
Full Tray - Serves up to 24

Build your own

Choice of soft corn or flour
tortillas, sautéed with onions
& peppers in our fajita sauce.

Choose From


Don't forget your sides

Snapper Jack's Enchiladas Platter

Enchilada Platter

12 Enchiladas a la carte

Choose From

Steak Enchiladas
Chicken Enchiladas
Fish Enchiladas
Cheese Enchiladas
Shrimp Enchiladas

Don't forget your sides

Snapper Jack's Taquitos Platter

Taquito Platter

36 Taquitos a la carte w/ sour cream & guacamole

Choose From

Steak Taquitos
Chicken Taquitos

Don't forget your sides

Snapper Jack's Taquitos Platter


Serves 6-8. All plates, napkins and utensils are
provided at No extra charge!

Garden Salad w/ Dressing

Chicken Caesar

Dressing Choices

Shack Sauce
Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette

Don't forget your sides

Snapper Jack's Taquitos Platter


12 Mini bean & cheese chimichanga burritos
32oz. Rice or Beans
1/2 Pan Rice or Beans (Refried or Whole)
Full Pan Rice or Beans (Refried or Whole)
32oz. Salsa
32oz. Guacamole
32oz. Sour Cream
Tray of Chips
Tray of Cinnamon Chips

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Award-Winning Homemade Salsa and Secret Shack Sauce

Snapper Jack's Shack Sauce and Salsa

Our salsas are made fresh EVERYDAY!

  • Secret Shack Sauce
    Shh. it's a secret! A dairy-based salsa used on the majority of our menu items.
  • Alano's "Mild"
    A tomato-based salsa with cilantro & just a hint of jalapeño.
  • Yolanda's "Medium"
    A homage to our sister company & the most popular tomato-based salsa. Just enough bite to keep you coming back for more. Perfect with chips.
  • Habanero "Hot"
    The hottest of all our salsas, not only from the habanero peppers we use, but also a rich blend of exptic spices.
  • Aztec "Mild"
    An oil-based lime & cilantro salsa with a hint of garlic. Try it as a salad dressing!
  • Tomatillo "Medium"
    A tany pepper-based salsa.
  • Quemada "Medium"
    A rich burnt tomato salsa.
  • Fruit & Cilantro "Mild"
    Honeydew & cantaloupe tossed with jalapeños & cilantro.
  • Pico de Gallo "Medium"
    A traditional dry & chunky tomato salsa. Perfect with chips!